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Halva is a sweet snack that originated in Oriental and Middle East countries. Making halva needs knowledge of an ancient craft and intense work adjusted to a modern, mechanised production process. Halva is not simply a healthy and tasty delicacy; it is also an incredible source of energy. Halva is made from natural ingredients (sunflowers, nuts, sesame), so it is rich in vitamins and minerals. The sunflower halva is rich in vitamin E and zinc; nut halva is rich in vitamin E and proteins, while sesame halva is a source of B group vitamins, manganese, copper and calcium.

We are using only natural ingredients to make halva. Our long experience allows us to make halva of different flavours and types: sunflower seed, peanut, peanut with raisins, sesame and sunflower seeds with cacao.

Halva is a bite of naturalness ...


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