Peanuts are source of proteins and niacin, so their consumption improves brain and vascular activities. Roasted peanuts compare well to blackberries and wild strawberries in the amount of antioxidants they contain, which is much more than that of apples, carrots or beetroot. Peanuts are also rich in coenzyme Q10 that can be found mainly in fish, beef, soya beans and spinach. The pistachio nuts are rich in vitamin B6 and minerals – copper and manganese. They are almost completely cholesterol-free.
The modern techniques used to roast  pistachios help to preserve all the nutritional benefits and taste.

We offer a wide assortment of nuts: roasted pistachio, salted peanuts, nuts seasoned with chilli or cheese spices. Even the pickiest fan of nuts will find their favourite!

group only uses ingredients of the very best quality to make nut products.
Special equipment and exclusive production technologies are used to achieve the unique taste of these nuts.

  - probably the tastiest…

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